A long time Boston resident, Therese Oliver is more than familiar with the metro-west area. Living in Boston for 20 years, working in Concord for the past ten, and residing in Harvard for over a decade, she understands the nuances of both city and small town living in New England.

With over a decade of real estate experience under her belt, Therese credits her success not only to experience within the industry, but to her prior career. As a district manager for Muzak, she managed three offices of sales personnel across the Ohio region.

Fast forward to 2004, Therese changed gears within her career in order to better accommodate her family, which included 3 sons. Given the special needs of one of them, Therese wanted to devote her time not only to her career, but to bettering the lives of Autistic children- of which her son is one. Spending much of her time helping to develop programs for children with Autism, Therese helped start the Nashoba Learning Group for children with autism, which has grown into a thriving education center serving over 140 students aged 3-22, with the recent addition of adult services being offered.

While Autism awareness and services are causes dear to Therese’s heart, she somehow finds time to give back to her community in other ways including volunteering for the local food banks and homeless shelters. She has been a member of the Concord Rotary for over a decade, and has been involved with her local church. And while it seems that community service and enjoying her family would exceed all of her time, Therese still finds time to have a successful and rewarding real estate business.

With vast experience selling a variety of properties, from entry level to $1 million+, Therese is an accomplished Realtor. Now in her 11th year of business, Therese understands that real estate is more than just selling property, it’s a financial investment that deserves an unrivaled commitment to excellence. Personally working with every client through all steps of a sale, Therese provides meticulous attention to every detail from offer to closing.